Race Chassis

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Air Conception

Air Conception


T9 Titanium. 3K Carbon. 420D Diamond Ripstop.

Only the best


Balance. Power. Harmony.



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Webbing strapped fuel tank is secure and proven safe even during crash testing.

Bolted tanks using moulded inserts can rip from plastic during an accident, causing a hole spilling fuel creating a danger of fire.

Heel prop protection beam, providing structure and safety. Protecting the pilot from the prop tips.

Beyond 90degree frame angle forming a strong

re-inforced triangle side to the chassis. The angle also makes for a very stable machine on the ground.

A single frame join on the side, made from full titanium. Creates a silky smooth edge for fast effective launching, not snagging lines, no flexible plastic join. Strong and effortless. A perfect fit that will last for years.

Simple basic velcro closure. Light weight, easily replaced, works in the cold or the heat. Plastic frame clips can be hard to do, and even break in the cold.

Permanent riveted netting, always attached. Secure, fast to rig up, not fiddly to assemble. Easily repaired with a few knots if ever needed. Replaceable.

Safe Dynamic Strong

High over the shoulder pull starter. Easier pull down to start engine.

Supported carbon tube and dyneema line attached. Light, strong, easily replaced.

Load dispersing weight shift, graded bolts, double thread, titanium.

Air Conception Harness 2.1kg with carbon seat board.

12mm or 16mm frame hoop

Weight Shift Arms.

Standard or ACRO

Fuel tank choices.

10 litre soft tank. 15 or 11 litre plastic tank.