Parts & Accessories

Air Conception


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Frame Parts:

Frame bag £90

Prop Covers £20

Cage Clips £2

Velcro £2

Net Line Spring tensioning kit £10

Steel graded weight shift bolt £3

Titanium WS Bolt £10

Netting & rivet kit £28

Carbon starter tube £25 each

Carbon tube side £20 each

Weight Shift Arms £250

ACRO S arms £300

Chassis £

Complete Hoop £

Tandem Bars £350

Titanium Exhaust to fit Ultimate or Hybrid 130cc £500

Replacement Belt Ultimate £28

Replacement Belt Nitro £28

Vibration Mounts £5 each

10 litre soft tank £75

11.5 litre slim fuel tank £55

15.5 litre fat tank £60

Tank Strapping £15

Fuel Line £2 per meter

AC Carbon PS Hand Throttle £140

AC Carbon ES Throttle £180

Standard Air Box £38

Engine & Fuel System:

125cm 2pc Carbon e-Prop Nitro £310

150cm 2pc Carbon e-prop Nitro £320

125cm 2pc Carbon e-Prop Ultimate/Hybrid/Ultra £300

125cm Peszke Carbon Prop £270

Peszke adaptor plate £10

Prop Hub Plate £15

6x Zinc Steel Prop Bolts £3

6x Stainless Prop Bolts £6

6x Titanium Prop Bolts £25

6x Titanium Dual Head Drilled Prop Bolts £60



Titanal Carabiners £40 pair

Reserve Chute Container Pod £60

Covered Y bridle £20

Slinks £10

Sup’Air Conception light harness £520

Sup’Air Carbon Seat Plate £60


Custom     Conception Paramotors : Parts & Accessories

130cc Parts

Crankcase gasket 130cc £15

ultra 130 gear box (reducer)£450

130cc cylinder base gasket£5

130cc cylinder head gasket (o'ring)£5

130cc silencer£60

130cc airbox£38

Ultra 130 brass breather tube for reducer£8

130cc piston with rings  NEW PRICE - OUT OF PRODUCTION ENGINE£65

Ultra 130 electric starter£115

Ultra 130 carbon cover£25

Ultra 130 electric starter sprocket£22

130 cc cylinder head£70

130cc black cylinder NEW PRICE - OUT OF PRODUCTION ENGINE£215

ultra 130 cooling fan£20

Ultra 130 crankshaft£140

Piston roller bearing£8

Ultimate 130 belt£28

Exhaust spring£4

Complete 130cc Flash starter £56

130cc Pull starter£50

Ultra 130/Ultiamete 130 exhaust without silencer£240

Ultimate 130 small pulley£48

Ultimate 130 big pulley without axle£85

Ultimate 130 complete big pulley with axle£105

Carbon petals set for reed valve (130cc engine)£20

Tillotson type carb£105

Tillotson carb modification set£128

Clutch shoes set for Ultra 130£75

Complete clucth for Ultra 130 £90

130cc steel exhaust without silencer£226

130cc titanium exhaust without silencer£560

Tillotson HL membranes set£18

Ventor V125 pull start£135

Ventor V125 pull start spring£10

Nitro Parts

Crankcase Gasket 200cc £15

200cc cylinder head gasket (o'ring)£5

200cc cylinder base gasket£8

Walbro WB 37 membranes set£18

WB 37 walbro carb£120

200cc airbox£38

Nitro 200 electric starter£115

Nitro 200 electric starter sprocket£22

Piston roller bearing£8

Nitro 200 belt£28

Exhaust spring£4

200cc Pull starter£50

carburetor tube£5

Complete reed valve with petals£52

WB 37 carb£117

Exhaust gasket£8

Nitro 200 cylinder£280

Nitro 200 piston £65

Nitro 200 exhaust (without elbow without silencer)£240

Nitro 200 cylinder head£92

Cylinder head nut£2

nitro 200 silencer£84

exhaust elbow nitro 200£65

Big nitro 200 puley without axle£80

Big nitro 200 puley with axle£102

Silencer gasket£6

Nitro exhaust clamp£12

Nitro 200 clutch£72

Nitro 200 clutch bell£84

Nitro 200 clutch spring £8

Frame Parts

Net & rivets set£28

Net & rivets set & stretcher£40

XL Net & rivets set & stretcher£45

Carbon tube£25

Small frame/cage plastic connector£4

Supair harness with carbon plate £520

Supair carbon plate £60

APCO split leg security strap for APCO split leg harness £10

security SUPAIR STRAP for APCO harness£16

net spring£5

net hook£2

black cage strap£3

Carabiner £18

Supair rescue pocket for harness£60

Cage & propeller bag£95

ABM bars set (without whichard shackles)£220

Acro ABM bars set (without whichard shackles)£280

Propeller covers£20

DELTA complete cage hoop with net (without carbon tube)£400

DELTA complete magnesium cage hoop & net (without carbon tube)£450

DELTA 1/4 of cage hoop £95

Complete Full race cage hoop with net (without carbon tube)£600

Complete Full race cage hoop without net (without carbon tube)£500

1/4 of titanium full race cage hoop£140

DELTA chassis frame without cage£600

Titanium full race complete frame with arms, net, carbon tube & soft tank£1850

Multi-engine complete titanium frame with arms, net, carbon tube & soft tank£1900

Titanium full race frame without cage hoop£1400

Aluminium connector for titanium frame & cage connection £10

Nylon machine connector for 12mm titanium cage£6

Tandem system including 4 carabiners (without harness)£350

Soft tank£75

Aluminium black clamp for arms£5

Nylon collar for ABM bar£6

Wichard shackle£14

Flat nylon bushing for ABM bar£2

Tank sticker£4

Quick lock system for ABM bars£20

Engine Parts

Engine rubber mount£5

DELTA frame large rubber mount £14

exhaust rubber mount£7

Air Conception throttle (pull start version)£140

Electric start complete throttle kit£180

15 L tank£60

11 L tank£55

tank straps set£20

Regular sparkplug£6

Iridium sparkplug£22

ignition coil£38

Reed valve gasket£4

Ultra 130 / Nitro 200 battery£30

Nitro 200 battery 18,5 V£45

Charger b6 (for btt 18,5)£35


alimentation for b6£26

electric push button for throttle£4

ON/OFF switch£3

12V/30A relay£7

Automatic fuse£8

Green reducer seal£7

Tank cap£4

Tank filter £8

Light nylon bell for pull starter£22

kit pulley + ressort flash starter£48

Sparkplug repair cap £4

Rubber airbox connector£18

Light magnetic fly wheel£56

Pull start small pulley£12

Carburetor spring£3