Basic and Technical

Air Conception


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the collection of parts

Pilot Harness
Weight Shift Arm
Main Cage Hoop Section
Hand Throttle
Protective Netting
Carbon Spar
Carbon Prop
Shoulder Pad
Prop Bolt Plate
Drive Belt
Air Intake Box
Engine Cylinder Barrel
Engine Head
Spark Plug & Cap
Fuel Tank
Velcro Fastener
Exhaust Silencer


Torque and Service

Fuel consumption test results:

4000 rpm = 2,25 l/h

5000 rpm = 2,66 l/h

5500 rpm = 3,27 l/h

6000 rpm = 4,80 l/h

7000 rpm = 6,74 l/h

7900 rpm = 8,57 l/h

Engine cooling test results:

Max 205 °c at full rpm

with 30°c air temp.

Thrust test results:

72kg thrust with 125cm propeller

74kg thrust with 130cm propeller

up to 80kg thrust with quad blade (experimental)

Engine Specification:

200cc. 2 Stroke. 40:1 synthetic oil.

28hp @ 8100 rpm.

1:2.7 belt drive.

Nylock long life pull start.

11.3kg engine with steel exhaust.

Double compression joint exhaust.

Exhaust has built in dB reduction.

Carbon fiber silencer.

Advanced internal & external engine cooling.

Anti slip long belt life technology.

All bolts thread locked and position marked.

Tuned for linear throttle response.

Nitro 200cc Engine



Engine head bolts 19nm