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200cc. 2 Stroke. 40:1 synthetic oil.

28hp @ 8100 rpm.

1:2.7 belt drive.

Nylock long life pull start.

11.3kg engine with steel exhaust.

Double compression joint exhaust.

Exhaust has built in dB reduction.

Carbon fiber silencer.

Advanced internal & external engine cooling.

Anti slip triple belt life technology.

All bolts thread locked and position marked.

Tuned for linear throttle response.


Made by Sup’Air.

Designed for Air Conception.

Polymide 420D Diamond Ripstop.

Slim & light self locking buckles.

Removable reduced weight side pockets.

Made ready to fit optional side rescue pod.

Internal ideally placed hip speedbar pulley.

Seat extension angle adjustment.

Extra thick padded shoulder straps.

Carbon fiber seat base.

Breathable fabric in key areas.

Fully lined safe reserve connection points.


2pc Carbon Fiber E-prop 125cm.

Continuos carbon wrapped braided fibers.

Honeycomb core.

Internal strengthening spar.

NanoStrength leading edge.

RTM manufactured.


Race = Grade 9 Titanium.

ECO = Coated Alloy.

140cm Hoop.

Double density titanium weight shift.

Twin offsets to counter torque.

3K Carbon Spars.

Reinforced in key areas.

11.5 litre slim tank / optional 15 litre fat tank.

All up weight:

Ready to fly with pull start Nitro, prop, carabiners, spark plug, harness, fuel tank, everything but the fuel. As pictured left.

19.4kg Titanium

20.1kg Delta Alloy


Titanium frame is available in 2 styles,

blast electro white or polished titanium.

Alloy in White.


Air Conception provide a 2 year warranty.

Fuel consumption test results:

4000 rpm = 2,25 l/h

5000 rpm = 2,66 l/h

5500 rpm = 3,27 l/h

6000 rpm = 4,80 l/h

7000 rpm = 6,74 l/h

7900 rpm = 8,57 l/h

NiTRO 200

Light. Potent. Reliable.


Strength. Comfort. Dynamic.

Introducing the

Air Conception


T9 Titanium. 3K Carbon. 420D Diamond Ripstop.

Only the best


Balance. Power. Harmony.



Engine. Frame. Harness.

Attention to


Thrust. Economy. Weight.


Thrust test results:

72kg thrust with 125cm propeller, standard fit.

74kg thrust with 130cm propeller

> click to see thrust test 125cm at 73.4kg

80kg thrust in XL version.


having great power, influence & effect.

“man and machine in perfect harmony”
“Dynamics of force related to motion”
“Titanium is more than twice as strong as alloy”
“nitro engine is 200cc”
“quieter exhaust with dB reduction”


having great power, influence & effect.

“power to weight ratio never seen before”


Ultimate Race Edition

Air Conception


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The DELTA design pushes the weight and bulk of the fuel tank below the pilot. This reduces the feel of fuel in the tank in flight and the balance remains more constant if filled or empty. Improved aerodynamics in flight and allows the engine to be fitted closer to the pilot. A new concept in paramotor frame design.

This aluminium frame gives excellent inflight characteristics. The launch characteristics require a lean back technique for the take off run as the forward position of the fuel tank can push the top of the frame forward and into the risers. Note it requires a simple adjustment in launch technique to benefit from other design aspects.

Made from Alloy, this frame comes in at a very competitive price point, even when fitted with the Nitro engine.


Delta Frame Concept

Air Conception

2 Years

24 Months

730 Days

17,520 Hours

1,051,200 Minutes