Ultimate 130 Engine: Belt

This 25hp 130cc engine comes as a belt drive (1:3.6) with special smooth wheel engineering which eliminates belt slip and increases belt life to 300 hours. This is the lightest engine option of only 10.2kg with titanium exhaust. Specially tuned Venturi carb with locking choke. Horizontal layout for maximum cooling & reduced torque effect.

Hybrid 130 Engine: Clutch

Horizontal 25hp @ 9800rpm, 130cc engine has a geared Re-drive (1:3.82) and clutch. A soft double spring pull starter (the Pull+) for effortless starting & eliminates kick back. Race edition comes fitted with the optional titanium exhaust. At only 11.5kg it is the lightest engine in its class.

Ultra 130 Engine: Electric Start

25hp 130cc Electric start engine in a vertical configuration with forced air cooling via a ducted fane through a carbon cowling. Gear reduction with a clutch. A 12.9kg engine complete with effortless electric starting.

All frames feature

  1. -Titanium swan neck ABM style active weight shift under arms, giving a low to mid hang point and stable flight eliminating the for and aft pitching.

- 6x 3k carbon fiber spars for reduced weight and increased strength.

  1. -Break down for easy transport

  2. -140cm main hoop

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The Air Conception engine is one of very few engines originally designed for the specific needs of paramotoring. Using computer modeling in design of the crankcase and other components resulted in great weight reduction over other engines. Ceramic coated aluminum cylinder and ceramic coating to the piston which increases strength, reduces weight, the piston is more resistant to extreme loads and heat, resulting in increased engine life. Widely spaced engine mounts maintain stability reducing torque. With the small physical size of the engine, the concentration of engine mass near the pilot all improve the feel of the wing during acceleration and increased comfort in flight. This also reduces the moment of inertia and the risk of side twisting under the influence of sudden deformation of the wing. The compact engine reduces drag and enhances the efficiency of the propeller a parameter that is often underestimated in paramotor engines. All coupled to a well made and reliable exhaust system.

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130cc Discontinued

Ultimate. Hybrid. Ultra.

Air Conception



130cc. 2 Stroke. 40:1 synthetic oil.

25hp @ 9800 rpm.

1:3.6 belt drive or 1:3.82 gear drive.

Nylock long life pull start.

10.2kg ultimate with titanium exhaust.

11.5kg hybrid engine.

12.9kg ultra e/start.

Double compression joint exhaust.

Alloy silencer.

Excellent external engine cooling.

Anti slip triple belt life technology.

All bolts thread locked and position marked.

Tuned for Power.

Thrust test results:

62kg thrust with 125cm propeller


Made by Sup’Air.

Designed for Air Conception.

Polymide 420D Diamond Ripstop.

Slim & light self locking buckles.

Removable reduced weight side pockets.

Made ready to fit optional side rescue pod.

Internal ideally placed hip speedbar pulley.

Seat extension angle adjustment.

Extra thick padded shoulder straps.

Carbon fiber seat base.

Breathable fabric in key areas.

Fully lined safe reserve connection points.


2pc Carbon Fiber E-prop 125cm.

Continuos carbon wrapped braided fibers.

Honeycomb core.

Internal strengthening spar.

NanoStrength leading edge.

RTM manufactured.


Race = Grade 9 Titanium.

Delta = Red Coated Alloy.

Double density titanium weight shift.

Twin offsets to counter torque.

4k Carbon Spars.

Reinforced in key areas.

11.5 litre slim tank / optional 15 litre fat tank.

All up weight:

Ready to fly with prop, carabiners, spark plug, harness, fuel tank, everything but the fuel. As pictured left.

17.9kg Ultimate Titanium. Ti Exhaust.

19.4kg Delta Alloy. Steel Exhaust.

19.3kg Hybrid Titanium. Ti Exhaust.

21.5kg Ultra Titanium. Steel Exhaust.


Titanium frame is available in 2 styles,

blast electro white or polished titanium.

Alloy in White.


Air Conception provided a 1 year warranty.


40% lighter than steel

Stronger than Steel & Alloy

Resistant to

bending, breaking, corrosion

Anti-fatigue properties &


increased strength & reduced weight

designed specific for

Ultimate Race Titanium model. Total weight 17.9kg with titanium exhaust.


high power to weight ratio

Less is More



Custom     Conception Paramotors : 130 Ultimate, Hybrid, Ultra


Delta aluminum chassis:


This lightweight chassis is constructed of T6 aluminum, electro coated red. It provides good mechanical strength and a stable platform. This frame is designed to meet the budget. Allowing pilots to fly the excellent Ultimate engine at the lowest price. 11 litre fuel tank. Ultimate engine with black steel exhaust. 2pc 125cm Carbon Prop.

The Race Edition Titanium frame

Made using 14mm grade 9 glass bead blasted titanium (50% lighter than stainless steel), lighter weight and remains robust, these chassis are designed to surpass the requirements of all pilots. The Race chassis is only 2.5kg It features narrower profile tubing through out, an ergonomic cantered design for improved flight aerodynamics and engine response. Other upgrades include a lightened 11 litre fuel tank. Engines come fitted with lighter titanium exhaust. 2pc lighter high aspect Carbon prop with titanium bolts. The titanium is blasted to give a tactile texture and electro coated brilliant white. Polished titanium is an option at £200