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Proven tough an reliable the AirConception engines are a lightweight powerhouse not to be confused with anything else on the market.

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How does weight affect performance?




Weight dictates everything, there are huge benefits and advantages to loosing the kilograms. Combined with our aerodynamic seating position and narrow profile tube we gain in performance over traditional paramotor designs.

Here we aim to explain the smaller details that make Air Conception paramotors unique. It is the attention to detail and the easily overlooked smaller things that add up to make an excellent package.

Titanium is 40% lighter than steel, it is stronger than steel & alloy, it is corrosion resistant has anti-fatigue properties, it is also resistant to bending or breaking.

Titanium anti-fatigue properties are a great charateristic for paramotors due to our unique vibration requirements, a paramotor is suspended on strings and not in contact with the ground which gives it no point of contact stop or absorb vibration. Other metals fatigue over time and this can lead to cracks.

Corrosion resistant another great feature as a titanium paramotor will look good for years to come, no rust, no cracks, no pealing paint, holding onto its good looks and its value.

The Air Conception race frame is made for an even lighter weight 14mm low profile high grade 9 titanium for the absolute best performance available also saving a further 300grams.

3K Carbon Fiber Spars.

Carbon is extremely versatile material, very light weight and in tube form it can be made via different layups to be flexible or stiff or a combination of the two depending on the users requirements. Carbon can be custom made to many shapes and this can get expensive and very bespoke, not something ideal for the paramotor owner. Carbon is not very abrasive resistant and will scratch easily, not ideal for a paramotor chassis or outer frame section as it will look tired, old and used very quickly.

Air Conception use carbon in one of its readily available cost effective forms. Straight tube. It provides our frames with strong and lightweight spars, they are not in contact with the ground and remain looking good and strong for years to come. A quality part with a replacement cost of £25. Ideal for the long term ownership of an Air Conception.

the aerodynamic 18kg race edition vs a standard 30kg PPG.  A wing carrying an 80Kg pilot and 18Kg of paramotor will need to produce 98Kg of lift to maintain level flight. Using a 30Kg paramotor increases the lift needed to 110Kg.  If the L/D ratio of the wing is 5:1. The 98Kg of lift results in 19.6kg of drag, while the 110Kg lift results in 22Kg drag. A pilot in an Air Conception race edition produces about 5Kg of drag, whilst a pilot sitting up with a standard more bulky paramotor produced 12Kg of Drag. To calculate  total we add the 2 numbers 19.6 + 5 = 24.6kg of drag for the Air Conception pilot, or 34Kg for a heavier unit. The heavier unit will need to provide 9.4Kg more thrust to maintain level flight compared to the Air Conception. As a result the Air Conception gives improved fuel economy & an improved climb rate.

How does Air Conception manage weight loss without compromising strength

Many items have been chosen or manufactured to reduce weight yet remain strong and functional.

Even the fuel tank uses a unique plastic formula specially manufactured for Air Conception has a 40% weight reduction of a standard tank while remaining strong and robust. The low profile design allows better airflow around the propeller whilst also keeping the mass closer to the pilot. The tank is strapped to the frame which is more secure and lighter than bolts which can strip out during an accident. Safer, stronger, lighter.

Minimalistic frame design keeps the strength where its needed yet saves weight where possible. Using high quality grade 9 titanium which is either electro coated or glass bead blasted to give an excellent finish. Using a higher grade titanium further reduces weight while increasing strength.

Special harness manufactured for Air Conception by SupAir using lighter more exotic fabrics and a carbon seat board, allows for a full seat harness to be made 50% lighter while remain strong and comfortable.

AirConception manufacture their own engines, these are more reliable and lighter than anything else on the market, east to start with low mass & keeping weight close to the pilot. The 200cc Nitro is 11.3kg complete with steel exhaust, engine mounts, airbox and spark plug.

Simple fittings have been chosen for ease of use, ease of long term ownership and light weight eg. 3 velcro straps, this is a conscious choice not just a cheap choice, it is light & functional. Titanium prop bolts on the race edition reduce weight while increasing strength.

Lighter 2 part carbon propeller. Not just any carbon prop, 100% carbon weave on the high aspect e-prop, with a foam core and carbon stringer, these are the most robust carbon props available, they are also the lightest. They aid engine performance and economy, reducing noise and saving grams.

Every gram counted and adds up to make kilograms saved with no compromises made on safety or performance it truly is a win win situation.

A lighter machine has more dynamic thrust in flight which saves fuel making the paramotor more economical allowing you to carry less fuel further compounding the lighter weight power to fuel savings, allowing smaller lighter reserve chutes to be carried again improving everything. Fuel, Thrust, Dynamics & Easy of use.

Anti-torque is handles by double offset titanium weight shift, these underarm mid-low height swan neck arms are extra strong double density titanium. Comfortable curved tube and offers good weight shift. The mid height attachment inline with the propeller eliminates the for and aft pitch changes associated with low hang points. Offering a more stable flight yet retaining weight shift capabilities. These arms are attached to the frame using a graded bolt or titanium with a double lock nut for secure piece of mind. The strong design is such that any leverage on the bolt is longitudinal which is good and correct, not a twisting or scissor action as can be found on some poorly designed weight shift systems.

Multi sectional frame hoop for easy dismantling and transport. Careful attention has been paid to the ease of assembly and the size of disassembly while remaining strong once assembled. The simple design keeps the netting attached correctly aligned at all times. It is quick and above all easy to assemble, once built up we find power launches are possible from the sturdy titanium hoop. The netting is tensioned using a retaining spring, this allows a small amount of movement while also providing permanent tension and absorption of vibrations. Disassembled the frames section make a small curve that can be tucked beside the motor or stored in the optional padded frame bag.

The sup’air manufactured harness has the option of side mounted reserve chute, for ease of location and carrying your rescue chute. This can be attached left or right and replaces one of the pockets with a  zip on rescue pod, so you always have your rescue chute & a clear lap for easy launching.

The chassis design allows a choice of hook in points, from mid-low swan neck style hang point to a unique style over the shoulder mobile high J bar system allowing high hang point and weight shift. The chassis has a reinforced bottom section and a flat base for a stable paramotor that does fall over on the field.

Super light weight powerful engines, further reducing weight.

The exhaust uses a sprung bolt system which eliminates the worry of a broken spring entering your prop. Double ball joints removed the risk of cracking exhausts.

Every nut and bolt on the engine is thread marked for easy preflight and safe operation. Simple robust design allows you to fly free without restriction or rules about limiting full throttle for climbing or flying in different weather. Just fly.

Available as a direct belt drive with smooth wheel belt technology providing slip free belt drive 3x longer than most belt drive engines, optional clutch and electric starter, this is a great option if you like the pros of clutch designs.

Horizontal engine designs, this allow maximum airflow to the engine head and offer perfect cooling environment.

The Nitro 200 is a top of the line design to come from Air Conception a 200cc engine at only 11kg, it has economy, strength, power and reliability all to its name. Something Nitro owners will know is the linear throttle response and this 200cc engine was tuned to deliver a smooth response from the get go.

All mounted to high efficiency high aspect ratio carbon props.

Weights claimed in the Paramotor world are notorious for being a bit more than a little wayward. Claims like “it feels lighter because it fits well”, “you cant feel the weight because it is so close to your back” often these claims are for paramotors in the 25-30kg range. Average paramotor weight is 27. Average claimed weight is 24kg

Air Conception are different. On the scales with a photo / video. You cannot argue 18-19kg. We also have a good close fitting harness from sup’air, with fat shoulder pads, even when adding fuel as our slim fuel tank keeps the weight close. We carry less fuel due to our correctly tuned engines consuming less fuel.

Air Conception Nitro can easily average a 10kg weight saving over another paramotor when launching for a 2 hour flight, with less fuel and smaller reserve chute.

Standard 12 litre Fuel tank 1.1kg

AC slim 11.4 litres 800 grams ..... saving 300g

AC fat 15.5 litres 930 grams

AC fabric 10 litres 170 grams ..... saving 930g

Normal carbon or wood Prop 1.1kg

Our 125cm carbon e-prop 600 grams  ...  saving 500g

average Harness, 3kg

our AC SupAir light harness 2kg ... saving 1kg

average Paramotor frame 6.5kg

AC titanium frame 2.4kg complete with outer hoop, carbon spars & netting ... saving 4.1kg

standard Engines: moster 13.6-14.2kg, polini 13.8-20.8kg

Our Nitro 200cc is only 11kg ... saving 2.6 - 9.8kg

Titanium bolts, titanal carabiners, expanded plastic airbox.

Conclusion: Lighter is not only better, it is key element in paramotor design.

Weight Claims

Counting the grams.


Another way to look at it, the AirConception Ultimate Race Edition at 18kg with 66kg thrust has the inflight power equivalent to a 75kg thrust 28kg machine.

The performance from the Nitro 200cc is fantastic. A mere 19kg with a healthy 72-75kg thrust.

Power to weight ratio is a simple way to see the gains.

Ultimate 130, 65kg thrust divided by 18kg weight = 3.61 : 1 (that is 3.61kg of force per kg of weight)

Nitro 200, 75kg thrust divided by 19kg weight = 3.94

Compare this to standard paramotors. An average thor130, 65 thrust at 26 weight = a power to weight ratio of only 2.5 or average moster or thor190  75 thrust to 27 weight = 2.77. An average thor200 76 thrust to 30 weight =2.66. To be exact my friends thor200 was 33kg reducing that power to weight to a mere power to weight score of 2.3kg . He is a happy pilot now with a nitro giving him a near 4:1 power to weight ratio.

Nitro 200 Engine:

200cc. 2 Stroke. 40:1 synthetic oil, 28hp @ 8100 rpm. 1:2.7 belt drive. Nylock long life pull start. 11.3kg engine with steel exhaust. Double compression joint exhaust. Exhaust has built in dB reduction. Carbon fiber silencer. Advanced internal & external engine cooling. Anti slip triple belt life technology. All bolts thread locked and position marked. Tuned for linear throttle response. Horizontal layout for maximum cooling. 72kg thrust with 125cm propeller, 74kg thrust with 130cm propeller, up to 80kg thrust with 150cm XL blade.

4000 rpm = 2,25 l/h

5000 rpm = 2,66 l/h (typical level flight)

5500 rpm = 3,27 l/h

6000 rpm = 4,80 l/h

7000 rpm = 6,74 l/h

7900 rpm = 8,57 l/h

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Its all in the Details

Air Conception

A 2 year warranty is offered on all Air Conception Paramotors. As Air Conception make their own engines this is also covered under the 2 year warranty.